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Get Involved! You can support gender equality and women’s empowerment for tribal girls in Jharkhand by getting involved in several ways. Your actions will be a ray of light that brings in the dawn.


We invite you to come and be part of the Aahan Foundation volunteer program, to work for the welfare of girls of tribal communities in rural India.

As a volunteer for Aahan Foundation, you can choose your area of contribution based on your skills, expertise or interest.

If you wish to volunteer send an email stating your area of interest or expertise to


Teach Creative abilities such as art, photography, and storytelling.


Guide on digital skills such as the use of computers, Google applications, and Microsoft office.

Life Skills

Educate on various life skills like communication, public speaking, and teamwork.

Sports Coaching

For all sportspersons out there, you have the option to coach long-distance runners, football players or budding chess players.


You can offer your expertise in the areas of Maths, English or other subjects.

Fund Raising

Create and manage fundraising activities for social causes of the Aahan Foundation.

Corporate Partnerships

Aahan Foundation welcomes corporate partnerships – monetary or in-kind support towards supporting girls.

In the past, companies such as Genpact, KMPG, Google, Barclays have supported initiatives such as tribal art exhibition, donation of laptops, crowdfunding of sports girls, interacting with employees to generate awareness around girl child issues. We would be happy to collaborate with your existing programs to identify synergies and deliver greater benefits to more girls from underprivileged sections.

We would love to hear from corporates for online and offline programs. Please email us at

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Change Ambasadors Prgrams with Schools and Colleges

Tribal girls living in villages belonging to marginalized communities do not have access to quality education, contemporary skills and lack the exposure needed to work in modern working environments. This pushes them to low paid menial jobs, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. The vicious circle can be broken by allowing girls from marginalized communities to understand the world outside their villages.

Aahan’s Change Ambassador Program partner’s with schools and colleges in cities to allow shortlisted students from the city to work on live social development projects with girls from tribal communities in Jharkhand.

Students from schools/ colleges can work on projects such as sharing life lessons, teaching contemporary, and assisting Adivasi girls by facilitating their understanding of the world beyond their village. Change Ambassadors not only create possibilities for young Adivasi girls but also earn a unique advantage by improving their leadership skills and enhancing their careers with experience in community work.

We would love to hear from schools and colleges about online and offline programs for your students. Please email us at