Our Program: Art for Development

Aahan Program Art for Development

Art For Development : Shining a light through art

Art has a language of its own. It has the ability to shine a light for girls in marginalized communities. We incorporate art in our programs to create change. Art inspires creativity, gives hope, empowers the individual to express themselves.

Art for awareness

We identify and encourage talented young artists who know traditional art forms to sensitize the community about the ill effects of certain superstitions or practices such as child marriage through their art.

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Art for Livelihood

Talented young artists in the village are provided training and resources to create paintings and other handcrafted products. Aahan helps them market their paintings and products in cities and generate income. This can help prevent migrating to cities and working as domestic help. Art classes have become a great unifying factor between the girls from different villages.

Aahan artists working on reviving the dying wall art of Sohrai are amongst a handful of artists from Jharkhand who create this kind of art on paper.