Our Covid Initiatives

Aahan Covid initatives

We are actively exploring, discussing and looking to co-create the right solutions to address needs at the local level and see where we can support through our Covid initiatives. We are engaging with various collaboratives to see how we can collectively help the community and respond to address the current crisis.

While the global attention and efforts are focused on dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is steadily increasing its incidence and intensity. The strategies to effectively delay the transmission of the COVID 19 virus have led to lockdowns, loss of incomes, and multiple types of scarcities. Girls and women from marginalised communities in rural areas have been the worst affected

  • Dilapidated medical infrastructure.
  • Illiteracy
  • Poor level of sanitation
  • Lack of proper roads and security issues
  • The majority of the population are daily wagers and compulsion to go out for work to feed themselves and their family.
  • Extremely difficult for health workers to create awareness about this pandemic or provide immediate medical help to contain the spread.
  • Increase in domestic violence
  • Increase in the trafficking of girls

Aahan steps in…

In seven years, we have developed a deep network of local girls and worked very closely with the Panchayati Raj Institution. As Covid 19 ravaged through the country, we received feedback from the ground in areas where we operate. We quickly shifted our strategy, deployment of resources and the processes for on-ground delivery.

Aahan centres run by Urjaa Fellows play an instrumental role in our Covid initiatives. We keep a close watch on the COVID situation through these centres, quickly deploy resources, and continue to invest in the girls towards their capacity and agency building.

  • We pivoted from classroom education to online classes.
  • Training with a research fellow from AIIMS on hygiene
  • Collaboration with Aanganwadi workers for COVID-19 awareness programs
  • Awareness programs on covid in the native languages of the tribals
  • Executed barricading of villages to control the spread.
  • Covid check-up camps in collaboration with the local panchayat leaders
  • Door-to-door vaccination awareness program in six villages of Jonha Panchayat to prevent superstitions and rumours about vaccines

Sanitary Pads

COVID-19 presented unique challenges to girls and women, who could not access sanitary pads and slowly ran out of clothes. Aahan quickly deployed pads to more than 10000 girls and women and made soaps, sanitisers available to another 7500 people. We partnered with BitWeCan, Giveher5, Oxigen and many individuals to support us in this initiative.



Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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