Capacity Building

Capacity Development

Aahan’s Capacity Building program develops and strengthens skills and abilities needed to survive, adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Because of the prevailing regional, social and gender discrepancies, girls of marginalised tribal communities facing Gender-Based Violence live in very challenging scenarios. With little or no access to education, the girls lack a sense of identity or purpose, are unable to explore their inherent talents and have no awareness of their human rights.

The girls who get enrolled in school receive the most basic of education which does not develop any modern-day skills. The girls are cut off from the mainstream due to the language barrier, inability to use digital tools like email, and outdated teaching curriculum

  • Research and analysis of the scenarios faced by the girls in the village
  • Community involvement through our Urjaa Fellowship program – these are the girls who have completed capacity building programs themselves
  • Collaborations with academic, corporate, experts and other non-governmental entities

Our Capacity Development program is multi-faceted.

It includes higher studies, knowledge of the English language and digital literacy. An essential ingredient in our capacity-building is the transformation of the girls internally. Counselling, talks and workshops encourage girls to become independent in selecting the best path for themselves. Through programs like Urjaa Fellows, we create local change leaders who help other girls in their village, serve as role models and a connecting link between Modern and Rural India.

  • Creating safe spaces for girls to express themselves
  • Using sports and arts as a means of expression
  • Building leadership skills such as communications, public speaking and team work
  • Exploring and encouraging inherent talent
  • Building networks for girls that build bonds and support for each other
  • Participation in projects in cities and even outside India
  • Providing platforms for sharing ideas and sharing experiences.

Aahan’s Capacity Development Program enables the girls to grow internally, building capabilities for livelihood, and enabling financial and social freedom.


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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