About Us

‘Aahan’ means ‘New Dawn’ in Hindi

Aahan Foundation is a Not for Profit organisation working towards empowering girls from marginalised communities at risk of gender-based violence, including child marriage, sexual abuse and human trafficking.

We are committed to bringing a new dawn in the lives of underprivileged girls.

Empowerment – a process of change

In the challenging scenario in which the girls from rural marginalised communities live -empowerment is a process of change- a personal journey through which the girls get a better understanding of themselves, increasing agency (ability to make choices that will impact their lives) and assets (e.g. physical and mental assets, social networks, financial assets, skills, time)

This transformative journey is guided and supported by Aahan’s holistic approach involving education and skills development, capacity and agency building, creating assets such as a resilient girl network, and physical and mental toughness.

Our Purpose

To see every girl child equipped to live free from exploitation, discrimination and inequality.

Our purpose

Primary Target Group:
Tribal Girls in the Age Group: 12-20 yrs.

Where we work