Education and Training 21st Century skills

We believe knowledge is fundamental for girls’ to understand their choices as a right. Education is the tool that gives them access and the ability to exercise their voice and make choices. Skills are a gateway to economic participation. Empowerment through education and livelihood is fundamental to girls controlling their lives and exerting influence for a gender-sensitive society at the grassroots. Empowered and educated girls create a strong foundation for a gender-sensitive society, bringing long-term sustainable changes at the grassroots level.

Girls in marginalised tribal communities in rural India are at risk of premature school leaving, sexual abuse, early child marriage, early childbearing, and other harmful gender norms.

The overall goal of the Aahan Foundation is to improve school enrolment and retention, increase progression to secondary school by bolstering girls’ learning outcomes, furthering social connections, improving critical thinking skills, increasing agency, fostering community norms supportive of girls’ schooling and equipping the girls with vital 21st-century skills.

Besides using the pedagogy of Cooperative learning and Gradual Release of Responsibility Model to strengthen the foundational learning of girls, we collaborate with organisations and Not For Profits for skill development in areas like software engineering.

    C: Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    R: Responsibility
    E: Emotional Intelligence
    A: Awareness and Assertiveness
    T: Teamwork
    E: Effective Communication

We leverage our seven years of working with the local people, collective understanding of the social nuances, network of senior trainers and academicians, technology, and Urjaa Fellows to deliver the programs at ground level effectively. Last year, all girls who studied in our centre passed their Class 10th and 12th examinations with flying colours.

Furthermore, once the girls start getting formal training and jobs, other girls’ parents become more open to enrolling their daughters in such programs rather than sending them to work in cities as maids or marrying them off before they turn 18.

  • Foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN)
  • Command over English language
  • Digital skills: usage of MS office, Google workspace and applications etc
  • Awareness on their fundamental rights and issues faced by the girls.
  • Life Skills

Our teams and Urja Fellows are trained to provide educational support to girls at the primary level or to help them meet the prerequisites of open school registration.


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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