Collective action through Awareness, Community and Network Building

Awareness is the first ray of light. Collective consciousness is a vital driver for the joint action that fundamentally addresses critical issues of gender discrimination.

Women and girls of marginalised communities in rural Jharkhand often lack the critical consciousness of their inequalities, sense of self, and rights. Awareness is the first step to transformation and growth. An internal change that creates a spark to exercise agency. Girls, once aware, become change leaders -spreading the light, inspiring and leading a social change with empathy.

Our experience has shown that empowerment initiatives are intensified and produce 5X better results when gender-based violence issues are raised by girls from their community- girls like them who face similar challenges.

Community Participation

In tribal areas, Community Participation is one of the significant aspects of addressing gender-based discrimination. Creating and sustaining change is only possible by addressing discrimination against girls at a community level. This discussion has to include parents, relatives, village leaders, and other key people.


Aahan’s programs establish a strong linkage with the community and develop a sense of community ownership. This ensures greater community participation, positive attitudinal change and capacity building.

Our community awareness programmes have increased school attendance, enrolment in elementary school, reduction in the incidents of trafficking and child marriage and better emotional and mental health of girls.

  • Awareness of the need and importance of education, hygiene and healthcare
  • Prevention of child marriage, sexual abuse, human trafficking, hygiene and healthcare.
  • Creating awareness about child rights, safety and child labour
  • Awareness about laws related to trafficking of children, under-age marriages as well as child and women rights in general
  • Gender awareness workshops with self-help groups, in schools and at the community level
  • Door to door awareness campaigns about trafficking, child marriage, child safety and reducing migration of kids.
  • Awareness workshop for parents, creation of male champions and support groups.
  • Conducting workshop to explain the child right and basic related laws in local language
  • Running campaigns at village level against girl trafficking and Child Marriage


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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