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Dr. Rashmi Tiwari, Founder and Director

Founder and Director of the Aahan Foundation, a Doctorate in Economics, and a Diploma in Sustainability and Responsible Leadership from The Swedish Institute has held leadership positions in Corporates before she founded the NGO. She was the Director at the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in India and Executive Director at The CEO Clubs India.

Bhavleen Kaur Bali, Director-Education

For Bhavleen, to become a teacher and shape young minds to become their best versions has been her childhood dream. She could never imagine herself doing anything else and she took every step to achieve excellence in this field and achieve her dream.

After completing her Masters in commerce, she completed her B.Ed and has been in the education space ever since. She worked in some of the most recognised education establishments in the country before crossing paths with Aahan and found this whole new realm to not only educate kids coming from marginalised backgrounds but also the ‘Adivasi girls’ who are survivors of gender-based violence.

These girls touched her heart the moment she met them and she devoted herself to the cause by taking over the reins of the education team of Aahan. She is setting up replicable models for teaching girls and loves working every day in a job that she has a heart and soul in.

Kriti Sinha, Edumentor & Storyteller

A graduate of Kamala Nehru College in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Kriti is currently pursuing her Master’s in Applied Psychology from Amity University.

Journey with Aahan and Adivasi girls started out as an internship but slowly made her a part of something even bigger. Her interaction with the girls in Jharkhand exposed her to the bitter truth of the inequalities of our education system and the wide divide between rural and urban areas.

This led her to her mission of mentoring and educating Adivasi girls with foundational level communication skills and through the CREATE model she aims to go a step further by focusing on social-emotional development.

Creating a safe space has helped the girls come forward with their stories of courage and everything that they have ever been through. She aims to bring forward these stories and help these girls break the glass ceiling.

She is also interested in understanding the impact of Domestic Violence on the mental health and development of women and children in Jharkhand.

Aahan supported Artee through our Fellowship program ‘Urja’ in which, besides special training on Madhubani painting, she learnt skills such as leadership and digital literacy. Through this program, she received training from national level Madhubani artists.

Artee K Munda, Program Coordinator

An Udan Fellow of 2017, she is the Program Co-ordinator of Aahan and oversees all the programs run at the ground level. She works towards helping the community understand the ill effects of trafficking, child marriage, girl child rights through paintings.

She wants to use her art to create awareness about the GBV prevalent in tribal society, rich tribal art and culture and depict the dreams of Aahan girls. She is also trying to revive the dying art of Sohrai.


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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