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Aahan Foundation works toward giving agency to girls in rural tribal communities who are vulnerable and at-risk of Gender-Based – Violence. Our Programs use a multipronged approach. Girls experience inequity differently depending on how gender issues intersect with their lives depending on age, economic and family conditions. Aahan Foundation’s programs aim to facilitate the individual girl’s journey towards empowerment through awareness, support and resources that make that journey possible

  • Education and training on 21st Century skills
  • Collective action through Awareness, Community and Network Building
  • Arts and Sports
  • Capacity and Agency Building

Along with our team, a network of Urjaa Fellows executes our intervention initiatives on the ground. Continuous monitoring is done through systematic data collection to track the impact or effectiveness of our programs at the village level.

We use methods like door-to-door surveys, girls’ assessment reports by the school and Urjaa Fellows, the number of activities conducted, girls’ attendance, workshops organised etc., to evaluate our work and girls’ performance.

Aahan Foundation’s programs focus on contributing towards SDG’s.


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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