Our Sports Programs seek to empower girls through sports.

Sports training is a critical component of Aahan’s intervention for girl empowerment. Our sports training program has successfully trained girls in sports and built a strong community of girls who are united by their passion for playing.

Through sports, especially team sports such as Football, girls internalise the importance of physical health, get a constructive outlet to vent out feelings, and cultivate a will to win. Furthermore, sports gives the tribal girls a greater understanding of their body and encourage expression through the body. These critical life skills and learning is at the core of our programme.

Besides using the pedagogy of Cooperative learning and Gradual Release of Responsibility Model to strengthen the foundational learning of girls, we collaborate with organisations and Not For Profits for skill development in areas like software engineering.

  • Regular communication with parents by coaches to help maintain girls’ participation
  • Trainer led Chess classes
  • Conducting Sports Day as part of our ongoing exercise to use sports for mental and overall well-being as well as for building a strong community of girls
  • Training girls in long-distance running.

Aahan helps girls access coaches and sports kits and equips them to compete at a local, state, and international level.


Football is a great team sport. Playing in a team, the girls develop a bond, belonging and a purpose. It helps convince the tribal families not to send their daughters to work at brick-kilns or the city. It has saved many girls from getting married before the age of 18.

We are currently training around 150 girls from various age groups in Doti and Jonha in Ranchi.

Aahan Foundation, Domaro, Laterhar’ and ‘Girls for Girls, Jonha, Ranchi’ -clubs of the Aahan Foundation are registered with the All India Football Federation.


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Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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