Our Approach

S.M.A.R.T. multi-stakeholder model

We partner with the S.M.A.R.T. community: Our multi-pronged approach involves working in a framework that involves different stakeholders to effect changes on the ground level.


School Principals
Self-Help Groups
Select NGOs


Monthly Donors


Anganwadi workers
Alumni Network


Regional Institutions
Regional Leaders/Influencers


Tribal Families
Teachers in Local Govt. Schools
Teenagers in urban schools

Before developing programs to address issues of Gender-Based Violence, we conducted research and analysis of various potential programs, had conversations with multiple stakeholders and most importantly, spent time with the girls in the community to understand in-depth the practical challenges and issues.

It was evident that when girls meet and talk, their courage grows, awareness increases and the first ray of light shines through. They can see the possibilities and their potential. Make plans together and in solidarity with each other. When opportunities are added to this mix, the light shines a path forward.

From the learnings, Aahan Foundation built a multistakeholder approach to empower at-risk tribal girls. Aahan Foundation works in partnership with the Government, the community, and with the community’s help, volunteers to ensure higher enrolment and improved outcomes.

The Aahan Model – A.C.E


Girls of marginalised rural communities often lack the critical consciousness of their inequalities, sense of self, and rights.
This awareness is the first step to transformation and growth. An internal change that creates a spark to exercise agency.

Girls from the community, lead and inspire social change with empathy. They are motivated and empowered to participate in making a difference in the lives of other girls and themselves. Our experience has shown that empowerment initiatives are intensified when the awareness is raised by girls from their community, girls like them, girls facing similar challenges.

Collective Action

Girls standing together in solidarity with and for each other are a powerful tool for social transformation on a societal level. Girls gain social capital by building relationships and social networks that can provide tangible and intangible value and support. These networks strengthen critical consciousness and are fundamental to girls exercising leadership and participating in collective action.

This is a vital driver for the transformation in critical issues of gender discrimination.

Education, Knowledge and Skills

Education, knowledge and skills are fundamental to enable girls’ to make informed choices and effectively exercise their voice to achieve greater economic and social empowerment.


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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