Artee Munda: Changing minds with art

Artee K Munda, 24 years

Artee comes from a village where child marriage is an accepted social norm. As part of our ongoing research and interactions with the tribal girls, the Aahan team met Artee K Munda and learnt about her challenges in continuing her education and following her passion for Arts.

Though she has been fortunate to have received a good education, she faced resistance from her parents on her becoming an artist and social worker instead of a regular white-collar job.


  • Aahan supported Artee through our Fellowship program ‘Urja’ in which, besides special training on Madhubani painting, she learnt skills such as leadership and digital literacy. Through this program, she received training from national level Madhubani artists.

Impact: The Artist

Artee has conducted several Madhubani workshops for corporates, schools and foreign delegations. Today she is the Program Co-ordinator of Aahan and oversees all the programs run at the ground level. She works towards helping the community understand the ill effects of trafficking, child marriage, girl child rights through paintings. She wants to use her art to create awareness about the GBV prevalent in tribal society, rich tribal art and culture and depict the dreams of Aahan girls. She is also trying to revive the dying art of Sohrai.

Impact : Spreading the light

Artee is an Urja Fellow – a change maker, spreading the knowledge, creating awareness and inspiring other girls, parents and the community. Aahan Foundation supported Aarti in starting a small training centre, toy bank and library in Jonha. Aahan helped refurbish an old building, which is now abuzz with children who come to get help in
studies, paint, read books or play games.


Aahan Foundation for Social Change is a registered NGO under Sec. 25


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